Art installation giving tribute to the family of the perl diving industry in the in the arab peninsula. its a story of a woman searching for her lost at sae husband , brother , father. all for DANA the grate pearl.

by almoutasim almaskery 2012

This video was made in 2009, Named  surfaces,  show casing the Arabian pearl diver and the environment that he operates in. Pearl diving, one of the traditional professions of the region, Precaution is taken from April to September. In early years, almost all the locals of the region were involved in this profession which is now becoming extinct

Al Moutasim Al Maskery
Intermediate Projects in Video Project 1

We as The new generation born in to a life of privilege, totally un aware of the world in its war, violence and racism, for us our family and media mask our eyes of all that it is "evil " we are human it's the end 2011 and still those issues and shadows arrive with its fullest fouled by oil money hate and greed, this wiled fire destroys the meaning of being human.

My video gives a dose of gruesome war images, and sound to communicate with the humanity inside of all of us. The eye is the way that we see recognisethe wrong from right. The different ethnic groups represent us as the resident of this world.